Social Media Management

to support your Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy.

Create long-lasting results with a combined strategy.


A seamless, focused approach to social

The best marketing strategy is an integrated one: all forms of communication working together to support shared goals.

If you’re running a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign that’s going to drive traffic to your social accounts, it’s vital that they’re managed well.

How frustrating would it be to see your investment gone to waste because the social strategy didn’t back up the advertising one?

Social advertising is more effective when you’re working with the Facebook and Instagram algorithms. If you’re doing well organically (that’s all the stuff you do as well as Ads), you’ll get better results overall.


Bigger than a freelancer, better than an agency

When you choose to work with Virtually Savvy, you’re getting access to a pre-built team of skilled social media specialists. You’ll only ever deal with one person (that’s me, Laura), and yet you can rest assured that there’s more than one pair of hands on deck to keep things running smoothly.

I oversee everything and it’s my top-level training and varied experience that’ll be put to use to develop and refine your strategy. My team will support with things like admin, reporting, and scheduling.

Hi, I’m Laura Davis.

Welcome to Virtually Savvy.

I’m a qualified Facebook and Instagram Ads expert. I offer social media management services exclusively to my Facebook and Instagram Advertising clients.

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Want to learn to DIY?

I offer training to teams, small businesses and freelancers, and I co-founded The Hub and Toolkit for social media managers.

Trusted by…

Kate Sykes, Non-surgical Clinic Owner and Director, The Body Clinic

“I’ve been with Virtually Savvy for 3 months and I’m really pleased with the results. Our social media is completely managed which is great as I don’t have to think about it. We’re getting good levels of engagement and we’re also running Facebook Ads which have seen an excellent ROI. I would highly recommend using Virtually Savvy.”

Sarah Barnes, Blogger, Food Writer, and founder of Taming Twins

“Laura has been instrumental in growing my Facebook following by over 400% in a year. This phenomenal growth is largely down to her creative and considered social strategies. Through consistent posting, imaginative content and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Laura has skyrocketed my online presence.”

Does a full-service Social Media Management and Advertising package sound like a dream?

Laura Davis

Facebook and Instagram Advertising expert for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands.