Facebook and Instagram Advertising

for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands who want to invest in the future.
It’s time to make back some ground.

The people like you who come my way have one of two problems. They’ve either got a need to outsource because they’re lacking resources in-house, or they’ve been burnt by an agency or freelancer before. For many of you, it’s both.

I understand how frustrating it can be to waste money on social ads that deliver no return on investment. To see your competitors pushing ahead and winning business that could have been yours.

And I also know what it’s like to need an extra pair of hands or a fresh perspective when there’s so much at stake.

What you need is a service that fixes both of those problems. A good ROI from someone you can rely on, and the chance to get back out in front – and stay there.

What’s important?


1. A strategy that's built around you

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll get a totally bespoke strategy that links action upfront with the end results you’ve been looking for.

2. Get your ads in front of the right people

With research and refinement, I’ll make sure your adverts are being seen by your ideal audience. That means you’ll save money and get a better ROI.

3. Guidance and advice from a professional

Working with a pro who can pass on knowledge and skills is an investment. When you’re learning as you go, there’ll be more than one pay off.

Results that make a difference…

The brand:

Garden Hideouts, high-end garden rooms, shepherd huts and garden pods.

30 leads per month for a £35k product

from a £1k ad spend

The brand:

Armadillo Sun, luxury bean bag chairs, bean bag loungers, tables and cushions.

£3k sales in one month

from a £700 ad spend

The brand:

Louisa Elizabeth, framed prints of hand-illustrated maps.

£7k sales on a bespoke product

from a £1.5k ad spend

Want to see results like this?

Hi, I’m Laura Davis.

Welcome to Virtually Savvy.

I’m a qualified Facebook and Instagram Ads expert and an experienced social media manager. I help home, interior and lifestyle brands get results through social.

Interested in working with me? Apply here.

Trusted by…

Mel Bound, Founder and CEO of worldwide community and Facebook partner, This Mum Runs

“Laura is an absolute dream to work with and she’s added huge strategic value to our paid media activity. Laura quickly understood our brand and our consumer, and she runs effective campaigns that deliver results. She’s constantly thinking of ways to reach new audiences and keep campaigns refreshed. I have absolute trust in the work she does.”

Chris Hill, Managing Director, The New and Used Boat Company and Garden Hideouts

“Laura is reliable, talented, and committed. Having her support with Facebook Ads has taken a weight off my mind and opened my eyes to a whole new, less traditional route to market. For the first time, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing with social. I couldn’t recommend Laura highly enough! (But don’t hire her – we want her all to ourselves!).”

Nicola Gotthardt-Mills, Founder and Managing Director of retail brand, Wear The Stars

“Laura speaks to me in a way I understand. She’s efficient and totally trustworthy – she knows when it’s a good time to scale Ad spend and when it’s best not to. I appreciate that honesty. I tried PR and influencer marketing, but the results were hit and miss. I’m really pleased with the results Laura’s generating, and they’re climbing. Hire her!”

Are you ready to build an effective, results-driven social advertising strategy that increases sales?

Social advertising is an art and a science. It’s very different to search advertising and it shouldn’t be treated the same.

Understanding social media and how people use it on a day-to-day basis is key. With the experience I have of managing social media accounts, you’ll have the head start you need.

1. Focus on the results that matter

There are over 1.5 billion daily active users on Facebook, and over 500 million on Instagram. To make sure your Ads get seen by the right people, I’ll research your target market to find out how they behave on social.

2. Product/service and competitor research

I’ll carry out further research to get a strong understanding of your offering and how it’s positioned in the market. There’s a lot of competition on social – I’ll make sure you stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Audience testing

Social advertising makes it easy to create highly-targeted campaigns based on a whole wealth of information and customer insights. I’ll trial different segments of your target audience and monitor the results closely.

4. Creative testing

We’ll also test different creative strategies, adapting the copy and visuals in your posts and Ads to find out what your audience connects with. The smallest of tweaks can make all the difference. 

5. Daily analysis and refinements

With social advertising, you get one huge, unbeatable advantage. And, better still, you get it overnight. That advantage is data. I’ll use my training and experience to analyse your campaign daily, refining it every step of the way.

6. Optimising for cost efficiency

I’m results driven, so I’ll be focused on delivering the highest level of return for the lowest cost. We’ll cut out what’s not working and maximise on what is. You don’t want to waste money, and I want results that I can shout about.

 What does it take to make Facebook and Instagram advertising work?


There’s no short answer here.

Good results aren’t easy to come by; it takes training, experience, and the know-how to learn and refine as you go along.

There’s no hidden secret or magic trick, but there are lots of little things to know, do, and watch out for.

The key is to find a specialist who invests in training and memberships and is continually developing their knowledge and skills.

Don’t fall for false promises from agencies who make it sound easy. It takes skill and hard work, but it can yield huge rewards.


Businesses just like yours are getting results that are 100% achievable. They’re smashing their targets, acting on new opportunities, and racing ahead of the competition.

That could easily be you.


And, on top of all those benefits – don’t underestimate the value of the knowledge you’ll gain about your audience. We can take what we learn from your first campaign and use it to build something even bigger.

Can you afford not to invest in paid social?

Laura Davis

Facebook and Instagram Advertising expert for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands.