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Laura Davis, Facebook and Instagram Advertising Expert

Hello and welcome to Virtually Savvy. I’m Laura Davis, I’m a Facebook and Instagram Advertising expert and the founder and director of Virtually Savvy, a social media advertising service and training provider.

As well as developing and managing advertising campaigns for national brands in the home, interior and lifestyle sectors, I train teams, freelancers and small business owners to use social media to their advantage.

I also co-founded The Hub and Toolkit for social media managers. Do you need help to get your SMM business off the ground? We’ve got you covered.

Why choose me?


I last upgraded my Facebook Advertising skills in late 2018 and paid social now makes up the bulk of my client work. I’m producing impressive results for a number of long-term clients and I can honestly say that I love my work.

I’ve had some exciting wins, too. In 2019, I generated Facebook leads that saw a client make £1.2 million from a £650 advertising spend. (You can bet I poured myself a very large gin after that news came in).

I helped another client grow her Facebook following by 70,000 in only 2.5 years, and another consistently achieves 30 leads per month for a £35k product thanks to our targeted advertising campaigns.

1. More than a freelancer, better than an agency

I’m an independent specialist, but I’ve built a team of freelancers around me. That means I’ve got more capacity than a solo freelancer, and yet you’ll never lose that personal touch. I take responsibility for everything, and it’s always me you’ll deal with.

2. A proven track record, the know-how to succeed

I’ve worked with social media since 2011, growing with the many changes Facebook and Instagram have made over the years. With a 100% client retention rate, I have a solid reputation and a wealth of hands-on experience working with growing businesses.

3. Trained by the best, on top of every update

I continue to invest in staying on top of the game with Facebook and Instagram Advertising. I’m play an active roll in some of the worlds best networks for Ad Experts. Social media changes a lot and many full-service agencies struggle to keep up. Because advertising is my primary focus, I’m always up to date.

If I could change one thing about my industry, it would be this:

Too many agencies missell social media advertising by flooding clients with jargon and making promises they can’t keep.

It’s hugely frustrating to see businesses let down in this way, and it’s made me all the more committed to being open, honest, and dependable in my work.

I want to be a part of a fairer, more honest social advertising industry, where businesses can trust the professionals they’re paying, and a good return on investment comes as standard.

Because surely that’s not too much to ask? A good, honest job in return for fair pay?


I’m taking action.

Through all my time in this industry, I’ve supported others who, on paper, might be classed as my competitors. I never saw them that way. I’ve given up my time for free and developed paid-for services and products especially to support other social media managers.

I want brands and business owners to trust independent specialists like me, and know that we’re capable of producing big results.

I’m doing my bit to make this industry better and stronger, both for the independent specialists like me working in it, and for the brands out there who could be working with us and reaping the rewards.

I use my background in training and my knowledge of social media marketing to support others in my community. There are options for fellow social media professionals who need a helping hand, and options for local (or not) small business owners looking for one-off help from a professional.

1. The Social Media Managers' Toolkit

A kit of resources to help trained social media specialists get their businesses off the ground.

In July 2019, I launched The Social Media Manager’s Toolkit in partnership with my good friend and longtime colleague, Laura Moore. (Yes, it does get confusing. Most people call us The Lauras).

The kit is for social media managers who have all of the skills, but none of the tools or resources to get a social media business off the ground. It’s helping up-and-coming professionals win clients and grow their freelance businesses.

The kit sold beyond our wildest beliefs in its first couple of weeks, and we very quickly built a thriving community of over 1000 independent social media managers.

I feel the best is yet to come with that one, so stay tuned.

2. Training for social media specialists, business owners, and teams

A collection of small group workshops in Bromsgrove, virtual 1:1 consultancy packages, and in-house training. All designed to boost knowledge and confidence.

Before I launched my first business in 2010, I spent 7 years working in training and project management. I learnt a lot during my time there, and I’ve carried the training skills with me ever since.

I offer limited 1:1 consultancy sessions via Zoom or Skype to troubleshoot, develop a social media or advertising strategy, or dive into Facebook and Instagram Advertising. I’ve been self-employed for almost a decade now. I know what it’s like to need guidance and support from someone who’s been there before.

I also offer Facebook and Instagram workshops for small business owners in my local area. They’ve been well-attended since 2017, and I always look forward to spending a few hours with enthusiastic social media students.

I tend to run workshops during term times only. The best place to follow me for updates on new sessions is Instagram.

On request, I also offer bespoke packages to train in-house. Prices vary depending on requirements, group numbers, and location.

For 1:1 consultancy or in-house training, email laura@virtuallysavvy.co.uk and let me know what you have in mind.


3. #MeetTheSocialPro

An Instagram campaign to help reliable social media specialists connect with brands and business owners.

In 2018, I launched an interactive Instagram campaign to help genuine social media professionals stand out from the sea of “experts” who overpromise and underdeliver. The point was to help businesses find quality support from reliable specialists. The campaign went so well, I ran it again in 2019, and I’m excited to say that it will now be an annual thing.

Details for 2020 will be announced closer to the time.

Laura Davis

Facebook and Instagram Advertising expert for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands.