Laura Davis, Facebook and Instagram Ads Expert

for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands.

Results and expertise delivered with a personal touch.


Small group workshops and 1:1s. Learn how to make Facebook and Instagram work for your business.


A results-focused advertising campaign that’ll drive growth. Turn traffic into results that matter.


A solid social media strategy to back up your ads. Because once you’ve got their attention, you want to keep it.

Jargon-free advertising support from someone who gets it.

Most of the clients who come my way are frustrated.

They know that social media (and advertising in particular) presents a big money opportunity, but they haven’t found a way to unlock its potential.

They don’t have the time or the skills in-house, and while they might have tried outsourcing to an agency or freelancer before, the results were underwhelming.

Are you ready to make the kind of investment that will bring in new customers, drive business growth, and increase profits?

Social advertising is the way to go, and you’ve just found a Facebook and Instagram Ads expert with a reputation for bringing top results.

A partner you can trust.

The brand:

The New & Used Boat Company, buyer and seller of narrowboats.

£1.2million in sales

from a £1k ad spend

The brand:

This Mum Runs, a worldwide community empowering mums to be healthier.

£34k in sales to date

from a £7k ad spend

The brand:

Taming Twins, family recipes from blogger and food writer Sarah Barnes.

+70,000 Facebook followers

in only 2.5 years

Hi, I’m Laura Davis.

Welcome to Virtually Savvy.

I’m a qualified Facebook and Instagram Ads expert. I help home, interior, and lifestyle brands get results through social.

I also offer training to teams, small businesses and freelancers, and I co-founded The Hub and Toolkit for social media managers.

Read more about me.

This is the culture I’m creating…

An impressive end result is what’s most important, but a smooth journey there matters too.

Success doesn’t happen instead of failure, it happens when you persist through it

Don’t believe anyone who tells you they can deliver results overnight. To be effective, a social ad strategy requires testing and refining. The good news is, everything we do will be trackable. We’ll analyse the data as we go along, and make improvements every step of the way.


The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you’ll make

This is a jargon-free zone. When I talk to you about my research, plans, or the results of any campaigns we’ve run, I’ll talk in plain English. You’ll always understand exactly what it is I’m telling you, and it’ll be up to you how involved you want to be.


An honest human being with a good sense of humour is underrated

Yes you need professional, yes you need experienced, yes you need results. But you also need someone who’s approachable and easy to talk to. Someone you can trust. One person managing the project from start to finish. That’s what you’ll get with Virtually Savvy.

What my clients say…

Kate Sykes, Non-surgical Clinic Owner and Managing Director, The Body Clinic

“We’ve seen an excellent return on investment from the Facebook Ads we’re running with Laura. We would highly recommend Virtually Savvy.”

Suzanne Paulinski, Music Business Mindset Coach at The Rock/Star Advocate

“I’ve not only learned about Facebook Ads, but Laura’s helped me learn more about my audience too. I can’t wait to build more campaigns with her!”

Chris Hill, Director of The New & Used Boat Company and Garden Hideouts

“Laura is not only dedicated but extremely talented. For the first time, I actually feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with social media.”

Sarah Barnes, Blogger, Food Writer, and founder of Taming Twins

“Laura has skyrocketed my online presence. Without doubt, her genuine energy and enthusiasm for social media has been vital to my success.”

Think we might be a good fit?

Laura Davis

Facebook and Instagram Advertising expert for growing home, interior, and lifestyle brands.